Berlin’s lost Renaissance sculptures rediscovered in the Pushkin Museum

The 59 sculptures were among treasures seized by Stalin’s “Trophy Brigades” after the Second World War.


Art historians have discovered 59 Italian Renaissance sculptures missing from Berlin’s collections since the Second World War in the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, according to the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation. They include works by Donatello, Luca della Robbia, Nicola and Giovanni Pisano, Andrea del Verrocchio, Francesco Laurana and Mino da Fiesole that were housed in the city’s Bode Museum—then known as the Kaiser Friedrich Museum—before the war.

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Roman glassware includes some of the finest pieces of art ever produced in antiquity and the very best were valued higher than wares made with precious metals. However, plain glass vessels such as cups, bowls, plates, and bottles were also used as everyday containers, in particular, for storing and serving food, drinks, and perfumes.

Photos by Mark Cartwright for Ancient History.